Hand - eye coordination

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Strong hand-eye coordination in esports leads to better performance and competitive advantage through precise and fast movements.

From a scientific perspective, hand-eye coordination is the complex skill that involves the coordination of brain and nervous system processes, as well as the movements of the eyes and hands. This includes the rapid perception, processing, and response to information, so that hand movements accurately and efficiently follow the perceived information.


Learn this skill with

 These games are specifically aimed at developing hand-eye coordination skills, which you can improve through practice. In addition to practice, they are also for warming up.

Test your hand-eye coordination with ShootWhatYouCan, MinuteMastery, CyberAim, Aim Microshot with games.

Currently, you can try these with 2 types of devices: the controller and the mouse + keyboard combination.

Aim Microshot

Why is it important?

In esports, strong hand-eye coordination is crucial to players’ performance. Players need to move quickly and precisely, aiming and reacting to various situations in the game. Participating in the ShootWhatYouCan test and practicing similar hand-eye coordination enhancing activities allows players to improve these skills and increase their competitiveness in esports, by enabling them to execute precise and fast movements.

You practice this


Which games can you utilize?

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In the ShootWhatYouCan game

the player needs to react and shoot three differently colored spheres in the shortest possible time. However, it’s important to be cautious, as there are spheres that should not be targeted, as hitting them results in penalty points. This activity specifically targets the development of hand-eye coordination skills, which helps achieve fast and accurate hits in games, especially in competitive situations, and also provides confidence when you see good results with more practice.

The hand-eye coordination “shooting” tests are also excellent for warming up and getting in the zone before matches.

How to practice?

It’s important to note that in these tests, not only your innate senses count, but also the role of everyday, continuous practice is immense, as it can make you the record holder on the leaderboard! Besides, setting the right and comfortable mouse sensitivity for YOU is also crucial!