Fine motor skills

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Fine motor skills involve the precise movement and control of muscles and are essential for executing precise and delicate movements in esports. If you want to excel as an outstanding esports player, mastering this skill is crucial and indispensable for progress in games.

Understanding the scientific background of fine motor skills is fundamentally important. These skills develop as a result of the coordinated operation of the central nervous system and muscles. The precise control and coordination of small muscles, such as those in the fingers and wrist, are crucial for a player’s reaction speed and movement accuracy.

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GripMaster, the testers need to follow a red sphere moving on the screen with the greatest possible accuracy. This type of game develops and trains fine motor skills, which are essential for executing precise and delicate movements in esports. Consequently, players become capable of performing more accurate and efficient operations in various games, which can provide a competitive advantage.

Aim TargetTrack, the red sphere moves in every direction, and the player must keep the crosshair on it. This test provides an opportunity for further development of fine motor skills.

Aim 2D, the essence of the test is to follow the spaceship and reach the meteor. A single target clearly has a spaceship and a target. However, in the two targets there are already two of each.

You can practice these games with a controller and a mouse+keyboard combination.

aim targettrack
Aim TargetTrack
aim targettrack
Aim 2D- 1 target
aim targettrack
Aim 2D- 2 target

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Bard in 2023, 2024...

Executing precise aiming and movements helps players avoid obstacles, effectively respond to opponents’ movements, and enhance their performance in competitive esports games. Therefore, practices conducted on tests like Aim TargetTrack and GripMaster, and the developmental opportunities they provide, can play a significant role in developing and optimizing players’ fine motor skills in esports.

In all FPS (First-Person Shooter) games, this skill will be extremely useful!

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How to practice?

First of all, set the mouse sensitivity that suits you best, which will allow you to track the red spheres as accurately as possible. Focus on the sphere, do not let yourself lose concentration even for a moment within that minute, and if the sphere jumps, find it as quickly as possible and continue to precisely follow its movement.