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What is the multitasking?

Multitasking is the ability to efficiently perform multiple tasks or activities simultaneously. In esports, multitasking plays a critical role. Esports athletes often need to manage the gameplay, strategy, communication with teammates, and the movements of the opponent all at the same time. In video games, multitasking allows players to simultaneously manage various activities such as controlling their character, navigating the map, and monitoring opponents. This skill aids them in swiftly switching between tasks, concurrently planning and executing game strategies, and communicating with teammates. Additionally, players need to make quick decisions that often impact multiple elements of the game.


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In the HoldTheWall, you have to focus on several things at once. You have to make decisions quickly and you have to see a little into the future. Currently, you can try these games with mouse + keyboard.

MegaMind Maneuver

Why is it important?

In video games, the importance of multitasking arises from its ability to enable players to efficiently handle multiple tasks and challenges simultaneously. This skill allows players to pay attention to several elements of the game at once, such as managing their character, resources, and continuously monitoring the map. This capability is crucial for quickly responding to changes in the game environment and making effective decisions. Moreover, practicing multitasking is essential for improving players’ reaction times, especially in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts. Additionally, players’ multitasking ability enables them to develop complex strategies by focusing on and coordinating multiple aspects simultaneously. Finally, multitasking enhances players’ adaptability, helping them to quickly handle unexpected situations and alter their tactics during the game.

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How to practice?

Regularly practice to improve your multitasking skills. Plan daily or weekly sessions where you perform various multitasking exercises on the BARD test. Since multitasking often comes with stress, practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, to better manage stress while multitasking. Evaluate your performance and observe which areas need further development. Use the feedback features of the BARD test to see where you need to improve.