Logical thinking

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What is the logical thinking?

Logical thinking is important in esports because it helps players analyze the game and strategies in a structured and rational way, and effectively respond to changing game situations. Applying logic in esports helps optimize decisions, plan steps and strategies in advance, and effectively solve problems.

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In the BoxMover game, the player must move objects in the shortest possible path in the right direction with their character. Practicing this activity develops and tests logical skills, which are crucial in esports and other areas where problem-solving and organized thinking play a key role.

If you’re interested in trying them out, you can currently try them on our website with a controller and a mouse+keyboard combination in 3 difficulty levels.

BoxMover Easy
BoxMover Medium
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Why is it important?

Logical thinking helps players understand the mechanics of the game and develop effective strategies. Often in games, decisions need to be made about choosing the best options and courses of action, which requires logical consideration. Furthermore, it can help players better understand and predict the behavior and strategies of opponents or teammates.

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In esports, logical skills are of paramount importance as they help players approach the game and their opponents’ strategies in a structured and rational manner. Applying logic allows players to optimize their decisions, plan their moves and strategies in advance, and efficiently solve problems under changing game conditions. Therefore, participating in the BoxMover game and similar logical challenges can provide players with an opportunity to develop and refine their logical skills, which are essential for successful performance in esports.