Mechanical tasks and their impact on life

We use our mechanical skills in many areas of life, such as hand-eye coordination that helps in the coordinated functioning of our senses. Reaction time that serves to respond to the appropriate stimuli, and precision, which is responsible for performing the mechanical tasks as accurately as possible.

We use our mechanical tasks to measure several area, such as hand-eye coordination, reaction time and precision.

But what are these mechanical tasks, and where do we use them in life?

The BARD test pays attention to mechanical skills in addition to many sub-tasks and provides accurate results at an individual level. We classify hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and striving for precision as mechanical tasks.

Hand-eye coordination

In hand-eye coordination, the coordinated control of our senses and the proper and even distribution of attention are important. During the BARD test measurement, this feeling also has a key importance because it is a skill that can be applied in other areas of life as well.

In recent years, many studies have been conducted on how video games develop people’s different skills. One study also found that gamers have better spatial vision than their non-gaming peers. Hand-eye coordination plays a significant role in video games, but it is also used in other areas, such as surgery. At a Maltese hospital, tasks related to movement and laparoscopic two-handed maneuvers were performed among individuals with gaming and non-gaming backgrounds. Those with a gaming background significantly outperformed in terms of speed and accuracy. It was also found that there is a need for larger sample research, but this research has already shown that a gaming history significantly increases the skills of laparoscopic surgeons.

source: Oncovr

Reaction time in mechanical tasks

Within the mechanical tasks measured by the BARD test, the rapid reaction time is the second most important, as we can react to tasks as quickly and accurately as possible. In video games, reaction time plays a crucial role. Players need to react quickly to events to avoid obstacles and defeat their opponents.

As age advances, reaction time deteriorates. Some studies have shown that gamers’ best reaction time peaks at age 24, after which a significant decline begins, but the decline is only significant from the age of 39. From this age, the nerves lose their insulating layer, which provides flawless communication of nerve signals.

source: RaiseYourSkillz

Here are 5 tips for improving reaction time in video game!


The last part of the mechanical tasks in the BARD test is precision, which indicates accuracy and provides information on striving for accuracy.

Precision plays an extremely important role in video games. Players must accurately control their characters and various tools to achieve their goals and defeat their opponents. If someone cannot control their movements precisely, they can easily lose.

For example, in a first-person shooter game, the accuracy of aiming can be crucial for success. If the player cannot aim accurately, they can easily miss their shot, giving their opponent the opportunity to attack them. The precision of character movement can also be critical. If someone cannot control their character precisely, they can easily put their teammates and themselves at a disadvantage. Therefore, precision is very important in video games and should be developed accordingly.

Overall, it is very important to maintain and continuously develop our mechanical skills, because we can use them in many areas of life. With the BARD test, you can also measure your level of skills online and how you can develop them in the most appropriate way.

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