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What is BARD test

creates a comprehensive picture of the tested player’s current competences


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What is BARD test?

It’s an esport competency test that measures 8 types of skills. It creates a comprehensive picture of the tested player’s current competences. 

We are an interactive online platform that allows you to map your video game skills and discover your strengths. 

We develop mini-game tests that are specifically used to assess a specific area of competence.

You can create custom playlists to improve your weaknesses.

Our uniqueness

Not game specific

The main element of our measurement is that we do not provide game-specific tests and analyses, but instead focus on the competencies that are necessary to be a professional esports athlete.

Easy to analyze

Helps esports players identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Comprehensive assessment

Analyzes the player’s strategic thinking, decision-making skills and the players’ general esports competence, in addition to aiming and reflex skills.


Our basic measurement takes about 15 minutes, which we have made with great care to make it enjoyable with short and fun tasks. Not only useful, but also a great experience.


Our measurement is a good and bad side to bring to us what we are capable of through numerous numbers and graphic statements. Only tells the facts.

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About Us

We are BARD test, a passionate team exploring and bringing to life the possibilities in the world of video games. On our online platform, you will find exciting mini-game tests and tests waiting for you to explore your competencies in various areas. These game tests not only measure your performance in specific games but focus on your real-life skills.

Our team’s diversity contributes to our creative solutions. From esports team owners to educators and esports players, we work together to provide the best experience possible. We carefully analyze the results obtained from competency assessments to give personalized feedback and help you in your development.

At the core of our platform lies competencies and people – we measure not just gaming skills but build on your true abilities to shape your future. We take pride in creating more than just game-specific assessments; our platform is a place where everyone can discover their true potential.

Competences we test

Quick decision / stress
Hand-eye coordination

Strong hand-eye coordination in esports leads to better performance and competitive advantage through precise and fast movements.

Quick decision / stress
Reaction time

Faster reaction time gives players a competitive edge by enabling swift responses and quick decision-making in esports.

Quick decision / stress
Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are vital for precise and delicate movements in esports, enhancing gameplay performance and accuracy.

Quick decision / stress

Heightened perception skills give players a strategic edge in esports, enhancing decision-making and anticipating opponents’ moves.

Quick decision / stress

Strong judgment skills are crucial in esports, enabling players to make quick and accurate decisions, adapt strategies, and achieve success in competitive gaming.

Quick decision / stress
Quick decision making

This is vital in esports, allowing players to analyze and choose the best options swiftly, leading to success in high-pressure competitive gaming.

Quick decision / stress

It is very important in every gamer’s life, as it is necessary to control many operations of each game. Anyone who can manage these processes can achieve much more as an e-athlete.

Quick decision / stress

A strong memory capacity enhances decision-making and performance in esports by recalling and utilizing crucial in-game information.

In depth analysis

Objective performance feedback and statistical analysis are essential in esports, providing valuable insights to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, allowing for progress tracking and informed decision-making in competitive gaming.

Where can you test yourself?

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Services for events

If you are looking for an esport program for your event or gathering, we are a great choice. Our instructors offer high-quality programs, including the BARD test esport competency assessment. We have participated in over 30 events as exhibitors. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

BARD in the future

Bard in 2023, 2024...

Our vision is

to create skill assessment and development solutions that utilize gamification and playful elements, allowing us to test and educate the future workforce in a fun and engaging way.

2024 Q3-Q4

  • the new development will arrive on the platform at the end of September
  • along with this, many new functions become available
  • all with a completely new platform look


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