Aim 2D!

Are you interested in a really hard Aim, but somehow not as Aim as we are used to? Then we have great news, because Aim 2D has arrived on the BARD platform!

aim 2d fine motor skill test

Another interesting feature is that it comes with 2 difficulty levels. So, if one target test isn’t enough, or you feel like it’s almost child’s play, then up the ante and go for the two target version. The essence of the test is to follow the spaceship and reach the meteor. A single target clearly has a spaceship and a target. However, in the two targets there are already two of each. So you have to pay attention to the movement and tracking of the two meteors at the same time. It’s not that simple, is it?

The test measures our fine motor skills, that is, how skillfully and accurately we can follow the movement of the meteor. This is especially important in FPS (first-person shooter) or skill-based games, where fast reaction time and accuracy are essential for successful performance. Using fine motor skills, players can precisely control their character, aim accurately and perform complex tasks efficiently.

Aim 2D has one- and two-target versions can be tested with a controller, and what’s new is that this is our first keyboard-only test.

Don’t think, go ahead and test your fine motor skills HERE!

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