Objective measurement is the future of the world of e-sports

The rapidly increasing popularity of esports among players in recent years has created a need for measurable skills that make esports competence objectively assessable. The BARD test is a pioneering esports competency measurement software offers exactly that to players who want to measure and improve their skills in this field. Let’s see why the BARD test can be considered an objective tool in the world of esports!

BARD test is an objective measurement

Comprehensive ability measurement

The BARD test measures the key skills and abilities required to perform successfully in esports. Measuring hand-eye coordination, memory, precision, reaction time, and communication skills all allow players to get a comprehensive picture of their own abilities and opportunities for improvement.

Standardized assessment

One of the cornerstones of the objectivity of the BARD test is the standardized assessment. The test offers the same tasks and challenges to each participant, thus ensuring a level playing field and comparability of performance. In the case of an external person or offline measurement, the personal opinion of the instructor does not influence the test result, that is why the test is an objective measurement.

Time efficiency

Taking just 20 minutes to complete a test, the BARD test is a quick and effective tool for players looking to measure their skills. The short duration of the test allows for frequent repetition, which can help players track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Online availability

The BARD test is available online, further increasing objectivity and accessibility. Testing on an online platform ensures that players can take the test anytime, anywhere. Test yourself and compare your results with those of esports players on the BARD platform!

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