How do you improve your aiming skills?

Esport is an increasingly popular sport and to be competitive we need a lot of skills. One such important skill is the ability to aim, which plays a very large role in esports. With good aiming skills, we can be extremely successful in FPS games, as players have to aim quickly and precisely at their opponents.

There are many ways to improve the ability to aim, we have put together a few suggestions:

Esport gamer is testing his aiming skills at BARD test

Play target games

The first and easiest way to improve your mechanical skills is to play FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Examples of such games are CS:GO, Overwatch, or Rainbow Six Siege. In these games, the goal is to eliminate the opponent as accurately and quickly as possible, of course not forgetting the importance of strategy and team play. Repetition is the key to progress, so you should play these games often. It is important to note that in esports, not only the ability to aim, but also positioning and movement are key. Therefore, one of the best ways to improve one’s ability is to fully understand the games and practice them, that is, to improve one’s knowledge of the game.

Use an aim training program

The targeting training program includes special game tests that help players develop their “targeting” – mechanical ability. Such programs are, for example, our online BARD test, which will debut in July! We can perform special tasks and game tests on the BARD platform, which will help in development, including improving the ability to aim.

Use the right tools

In esports, tools are very important, and in order to improve our aiming ability, we should use the right tools. Monitors with a high resolution and fast refresh rate, a quality mouse and properly adjusted sensitivity can all help improve our aiming. However, it is important to remember that equipment is only one part of improving skills, practice and game development are also important.

Pay attention to your physical and mental state

In esports, not only technical knowledge matters, but also our physical and mental state. Adequate sleep, healthy eating and regular exercise can all help improve our ability to aim. Stress and anxiety can also negatively affect performance, which is why it is worth paying attention to these aspects so that players can provide maximum performance in competitions.

If you are also interested in the possibility of development in the game, then the first step is to find out what gamer competencies you have. All you have to do is go through BARD’s “default playlist”! Become a legend with the BARD platform!

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