What is the BARD test, why is it useful, and what are its sub-areas?

The BARD test was created to provide a comprehensive picture of a tested gamer’s current player competencies. The measurement shows which competency area is strong and where there is room for improvement.

Miért hasznos ez? 

The importance of player competencies is increasingly recognized in game design and development. These skills, such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork, can be useful not only in games but also in education, workplaces, and health maintenance. Developing player competencies can make learning more effective and interesting, help with career building, and contribute to maintaining mental health.

Such methods make learning more effective and interesting and help students prepare for life.

Player skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving can be useful in managing workplace challenges and building a successful career.

Games can be entertaining, stress-relieving, and motivating, and can help maintain and improve mental health.

Milyen területeket mér a BARD test?

The skills we measure are mechanical tasks, neurofeedback, quick decision making, personality, and memory.

Mechanical tasks include hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and striving for precision.

  • In hand-eye coordination, it is important to coordinate our senses and distribute attention properly and evenly.
  • The second is quick reaction time to respond to these tasks as fast as possible.
  • The final part of mechanical tasks is precision, which indicates accuracy and provides information about striving for accuracy.
  • The neurofeedback task is based on the fact that the brain can change its activity level and pattern depending on the tasks the participant receives. This section provides important information about our conscious and unconscious states. The measurement also reveals how the player can keep their cool under pressure and what decisions they make in the process.
  • Human personality greatly influences an individual’s communication, and an individual’s communication style also affects their personality. During a multiplayer game, it is essential to have appropriate communication and composure to minimize impulsive behavior. We emphasize this aspect of the task to determine how participants communicate and provide feedback on how to optimize it.
  • Perception allows an individual to acquire information about the outside world through their senses, while memory allows them to store and recall the perceived information. All of this helps the player in quick decision-making and strategy development, enabling them to make the right decisions even under pressure.

Az e-sport játékos a mérés végén átfogó elemzést kap, hogy miben és hogyan kell még fejlődnie, hogy jobb lehessen a játékban. Hamarosan Te is lemérheted, hogy mennyire vagy jó e-sportoló az online BARD teszten.

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