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About us

The  BARD test is

made to create a comprehensive picture of the current gamer competencies of the tested player.

The test takes approximately 20 minutes, during which the player solves short, 1-2 minutes of gamified tasks.

During the measurement, it becomes visible which area of competence is strong and where there is still opportunity for improvement.

A complementary part of the measurement is a brainwave measuring device that can monitor brain activity during the measurement. In the analysis, it is possible to determine which tasks the brain worked harder and which tasks it has solved routinely.

Skills we test

Neuro-feedback – EEG

As part of our measurement, we also analyze the functioning of the human brain, during which we are mainly interested in how well a person can focus during tasks, and what makes them lose their concentration.


At the beginning of the measurement, it is important to assess how quickly the player adapts and how quickly he can open up in his communication.

Physical  test

It is an integral part of our measurement, or we can even say that it is its backbone. During the test, this unit is responsible for finding out how advanced a person’s physical skills are. We weigh the precision and reaction competencies that are essential in everyday life and esports.

Quick decision/Stress

Today’s man is constantly rushing and having to make quick decisions.
The measurement reveals how the player can keep his cold blood under pressure and what decisions he makes.


Our last task is to review the results.
One of the most important parts is to analyze the measured data and show the strengths and weaknesses. We try to present these in an easily interpreted way. Here we get the opportunity to compare our own results with an esport player and the average of the measured players.

BARD in 2022


Measured player


Appearance in events

For organisations

Our current finished system provides an excellent opportunity for federations and organizations to present their activities with a high quality program at offline gamer events.

The measurement has a very significant educational role, as young players around the events usually come with their parents. There are many opportunities to show parents and children that the skills and competencies acquired by the game can be useful in real life.

Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to map the skills of the players in the region or country. During the measurement, it is clearly visible who is  the average players who have the opportunity to become professional. With BARD as a scouting, you can easily discover young talents.

BARD in 2023, 2024…

Our vision is to

help players improve.


 Following the success of our first pilot year in Hungary, our main goal will be to spread the opportunity to improve in useful skill to as many players as possible.

In 2023 we will be  focusing on developing an online measurement. The player will have the opportunity to do the test from home and make his weaknesses and strengths visible.
In addition, we give him tips and further tasks to so that his improvement is ensured.

We plan to cooperate with various coaching platforms. Thus, we also helping not only the improvement of competencies but also the development of game -specific skills.

Tier 1 / Tier 2 pro teams

Another direction is to make our current offline measurement even more detailed and even help Tier 1 professional players, with a longer measurement which is  developed with multiple experts.

Why is it good?


Our measurement takes about 20 minutes, which we have made with great care to make it enyjoable with short and fun tasks. Not only useful, but also a great experience.

Doesn't lie

Our measurement is a good and bad side to bring to us what we are capable of through numerous numbers and graphic statements. Only tells the facts.

You can compare yourself to others

You can compare your skills to your friends, your co-workers, and even professional players..